Monday, 29 October 2012

Power Sports Machines & Performance

There is a lot of complex technology that goes behind these mean machines to keep them in peak performing condition. From the wheels to the gearboxes to the super efficient machines that power these vehicles - every part must be geared to deliver high tech performance. The engineering that goes into a car or a motorcycle that performs in a Grand Prix event is far above the ordinary. What you see here is cutting edge technology at its very best. What is it about motor like tao tao racing that makes it so hugely compelling to the viewers? Why do people go crazy when they hear the shrilling scream of the tao tao engines and the vroom of scooters or motorcycle tyres as they burn on the track because of the sheer speed?

Almost everything, from the Formula One car themselves to the helmets the racing drivers wear when taking their positions in their favorite car, is developed using high-tech technology and science. It underpins just about everything right from the design and the dynamics to even the size and design of the wheels. Have you ever wondered why F1 cars have such a wide wheel base? It is because the wider the car, the faster it comes. Testing is one of the critical features for  these components and must be subjected to at various levels because minute details add up to a great performance. At the same time, a seemingly small defect  or wrong evaluation can prove to be disastrous to the racer of the vehicle itself when it is competing in such tough conditions.

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